Institute of Biomedical Problems


Address: 2 Slovatsky Str., Ternopil, 46001

Director: Tkachuk N.

Deputy Director of Educational work: Panchyshyn.N

Deputy Director of Scientific work: Tatarchuk L.

Educational and Research Institute of Biomedical Problems was created by the Rector's Order No 201 of 8 June 2005 and is functioning from 15 July 2005 to train modern specialists who should possess sufficient medical knowledge and skills, as well as to conduct comprehensive research in the profile of the Institute.


Department of Medical Biology

Department of Microbiology, Virology and Immunology

Department of Physiology, Bioethics and Biosafety

Department of Public Health and Healthcare Management

Department of Physical Therapy, Ergotherapy and Physical Education

Educational and Research Institute of Biomedical Problems

Department of Medical Biology, State Higher Educational Establishment I.Ya. Horbachevsky Ternopil State Medical University, Ministry of Public Health, Ukraine dates back to June, 1957. It was then that Ivan Ivanovych Yaremenko was appointed an acting Head of the Biology Department in Ternopil State Medical Institute by order of the Ministry of Public Health, UkrSSR.

Normal Physiology Department was based at 1957 under the leadership of MD, professor K.V. Kovanov till 1991. PhD (1954), associated professor (1958), MD (1974), thesis: «The role of spinal cord in the regulation of vascular tone».

At August 1991 MD, professor S.N. Vadzyuk becomes Chief of Normal Physiology Department.

Laboratory of functional diagnostics of the nervous and endocrine system

In the laboratory of functional diagnostics of the nervous and endocrine systems research functions of cerebral cortex, using complex computer electroencephalographic production, carry out research of study the reflexes, performed the experimental work on the influence of the autonomic nervous system and humoral factors on body functions.

Laboratory of functional diagnostics of the sensory systems

In the laboratory of functional diagnostics in the learning process is used keratorefraktometr URK -700 to evaluate the state of the cornea of the eye and optical media. To determine the vision fields use computer analyzer "Perytest-300". To measure the intraocular pressure is applied contactless digital display. Also, students are able to study the state of the optic fundus via ophthalmoscope.

For mastering skills of correction myopia and hypermetropia use a set of test ocular lenses for vision correction. To assess the function of the auditory sensory system during practical classes in addition to analog audiotesters applies modern ultrasonic echotester. Condition of the vestibular apparatus studied by means of functional tests using the Barany chair. Also, the laboratory is equipped with tools and computer programs for the psycho-physiological diagnostics.

Laboratory of functional diagnostics of the blood system system

In the laboratory for practical classes use binocular microscopes, equipment with illumination system. Work with microscopes is conducted each student, individually controlled by the teacher. For the best mastering skills of micropreparations research applied videofixation micropreparations with image on the monitor.

This laboratory is also equipped with pH-meters, centrifuges, devices Panchenkov’s apparatus, Goryaev’s cameras, allowing each student to define indexes hematocrit, hemoglobin, erythrocyte sedimentation rate, pH of plasma and blood cells and count the number of blood cells.

The Department of Organization of Health Care of the Ternopil State Medical University was founded on 1 September 1958. For over 57 years now, its teaching staff is successfully working to address many aspects of health care and medical education in Ukraine.

Department of Medical Law provides education on undergraduate stage creating conditions for requiring level of legal knowledge by health workers for their successful future as well as practical mechanisms of law implementation to preserve the balance of relations between subjects of medical relations and human rights in health care. Department of Medical Law was created by the Order of Rector of University # 15 on April 30, 2013 and started on June 16, 2013.

Department of Physical Education was established in September 1957.

Head of the department of physical rehabilitation, health and physical education department is PhD, MD. D. Kozak.

Faculty prepare future professionals of the rehabilitation industry for highly productive labor, health promotion and formation of professional knowledge, abilities and skills in the use of physical training in prevention and treatment activities in accordance with the concept of the university development, constantly working for improving the educational process including advanced and innovative educational methods and programs, update the appropriate sections of the system Moodle, reflecting modern development of rehabilitation technologies.

Lecture of MD.. D. Kozak

Department of Medical Bioethics and deontology was established in 2012.

The rapid modern development of biological science has opened up entirely new methods of treatment, reproduction of organisms, new opportunities in the development of biotechnology. A range of issues that requires consideration from the standpoint of bioethics includes bioethics of assisted reproductive technologies and prevention of birth defects; bioethical aspects of clinical trials, registration of new medicines and medical technologies; ethical aspects of clinical practice; experiments on animals and alternative methods of research in biology and medicine; environmental ethics and safety of agricultural products.